GENERAL TERMS OF SALE Camping les Arches ****

Saint Jean le Centenier, 07580
Article 1 Scope and applicability of the General Terms of Sale
1.1 Scope of the General terms of sale

These general terms of sale sent to the Client form a contractual whole, constituting the entire contractual relationship between the Camping les Arches ****, at 600 Route de Mirabel 07580 Saint-Jean-le-Centenier France, and its clients.
The campsite is strictly reserved to a touristic customer base in accordance with article 2 of the ordinance of 11.01.1993 paragraph 2 which reserves sites that are classified ‘leisure’ to a ‘customer base which has not elected domicile’. The present contract is not submitted to the dispositions of the terms of residential leases but to those mentioned in the decree 93-39 of 11.01.1993 and the ordinance of 11.01.1993 mentioning the activity of camping caravanning. The present contract is granted at a precarious title
and for leisure only.

1.2 Acceptance of the General Terms of Sale
The Client is considered to have unconditionally accepted these General Terms of Sale, in accordance with the provisions of article 1126 of the French Civil Code. The Client is therefore informed that by ticking the box marked “I confirm that I have read the General Terms of Sale” when placing his order via the internet or upon receipt the booking confirmation email accompanied by these terms and conditions, he is expressing his specific, free and informed consent, including in particular with regard to the use of his personal data. This unconditional acceptance is valid both for the Client and for any person participating in the stay. These General Terms of Sale are also available on the Campsite's website and at the Campsite's Reception.

Article 2 Reservation
2.1 Reservation conditions
The Client can reserve online, by telephone or at the Campsite.

2.2 Reservation’s confirmation
Any request for a reservation is considered as a firm reservation from the moment it is accepted by the Campsite. The Campsite is free to refuse the reservation according to availability or to any circumstances that likely have a negative impact on the envisaged stay. The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has sent to the owner a down payment of 30% of the total amount due for the rental cost (booking fees + cancellation insurance included if requested), as well as a signed copy of the rental contract before the date mentioned on it. A second copy should be kept by the tenant.

2.3 Electronic signature for online sales
The online provision of the client's bank card number and the final confirmation of the order constitute proof of the client's agreement to the billing of the sums due for the reservation and his signature and express acceptance of all transactions and operations performed.

2.4 Capacity
The present contract is established for a maximum capacity of persons. If the number of occupants that stay in the rental object exceeds the accommodation capacity, the owner can refuse the extra people or charge the lodger with an daily supplement (price at the reception) depending on the type of the rental object.

2.5 House’s insurance
The tenant is responsable of any damages arising from its own fault. He is invited to subscribe a holiday insurance contract type for these different risks. The lack of insurance, in case of damages, will give rise to damages and interest. The owner commits to insure the accommodation against the rental risks for the tenant, this last with the obligation to report, in the 24 h, any damages reached in the accommodation, dependencies or accessory. Any stay more than 2 months must take its own house insurance and to inform the owner.

Article 3 Prices
The applicable prices are those shown at the time the reservation is made, whether by telephone, over the Internet or at the Campsite. These may change throughout the season and are displayed in euros, inclusive of VAT.

3.1 Short stay (less than 2 months)
The price include :
• The rent of the pitch or the rental accommodation fully-equipped as it’s specified on the website ;
• The consumption of water, gas and electricity ;
• The access to the camping, the equipment / facilities and to the animations (except for the list below) as it’s specified on the website ;
• The space for a car by rental. The price does not include :
• The reservation fees ;
• The different taxes ;
• The payable activities proposed by the camping to be paid on site ;
• The supplies as the cleaning charges ;
• The security deposit (guarantee) ;
• The interrupt / cancellation insurance ;
• The optional equipment.

3.2 Long stay (more than 2 months)
The price include :
• The rent of the pitch or the rental accommodation fully-equipped as it’s specified on the website ;
• The consumption of water, gas and electricity ;
• The access to the camping, the equipment / facilities and to the animations (except for the list below) as it’s specified on the website ;
• The space for a car by rental. The price does not include :
• The reservation fees of the first month of rental ;
• The different taxes ;
• The payable activities proposed by the camping to be paid on site ;
• The supplies as the cleaning charges ;
• The security deposit (guarantee) ;
• The interrupt / cancellation insurance ;
• The house insurance ;
• The optional equipment.

Article 4 Terms and conditions of payment
4.1 Terms of payment

The totality of the balance is required :
• 30 days before the beginning of the stay ;
• Or directly at the reservation if it’s booked less than 30 days to the beginning of the stay. 
If the payment isn’t done on the agreed date, the camping is on its right to consider that the tenant cancelled his reservation and keep the eventual amount already paid.
For the groups, the terms of payment are specified in the contract send during the reservation.

4.2 Conditions of payment
The conditions of payment of the advance and/or the balance of the stay agreed by the camping varies according to the payment date :
• If the payment is before the arrival date: it can be done by bank card, credit card or by bank transfer.
• If the payment is on site: the tenant can pay the balance by cash, bank card or credit card.

Article 5 During the stay
5.1 Arrival and departure
The tenant has to present himself on the exact day at the time mentioned in the present contract. In case of a late or delayed arrival the lodger must contact the owner. The hours of arrival are normally planned between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. for accommodations, and between noon and 10p.m for camping pitches. The hours of departure are normally planned between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. for accommodations and between 7 a.m. and 12 a.m. for camping pitches.

5.2 Deposit
At the arrival of the tenant (only for the accommodation), a deposit, of a fixed amount depending on the duration of the stay, is asked by the owner. The deposit must be done by credit card or by cash. The long stay’s deposit will be systematically collected and refunded by bank transfer to the tenant. At the check-out inventory, the deposit will be returned after deduction of the costs needed to repair eventual damages that may have been observed. In case of early departure (before the hours mentioned in the description), which make the check-out inventory impossible together with the lodger, the deposit will be returned by the owner within 30 days, except in case of a deduction. The balance payment for the rental has to be paid 30 days before the arrival date. At the check-in, the lodger will have to pay only the tourist taxes.

5.3 State and maintenance of the rental object
5.3.1 The state of cleanliness of the rental object must be checked at arrival of the lodger. The cleaning of the rental object is the responsibility of the lodger during his stay and before his departure. If the lodger can’t carry out the final cleaning of departure, he can ask the owner at least 24 hours before his departure to take charge of it, for an extra fee depending on the type of accommodation ; the owner has the right to refuse this demand if necessary.

5.3.2 All the amenities are functioning, except indication of the contrary by the owner on arrival, and any complaint concerning these amenities that occur more than 24h after taking possession of the rental object, won’t be accepted. Any reparation due to a negligence or bad maintenance during the rental period, will be paid by the lodger.

5.3.3 The rental objects are let fully furnished, with kitchen equipment, dishes, glasses, blankets and pillows, as noted in the enclosed description. If necessary the owner or his representative have the right to claim from the lodger at his departure, the amount needed to clean the rental object, the total value needed to replace any objects, furniture or other broken, cracked, deteriorated or in any way damaged materials and materials of which the usury exceeds the normal for the duration of rental, the price for cleaning dirty blankets, an indemnity for deteriorations of any kind concerning curtains, joinery, walls, ceiling, carpets, flooring, windows, beds, etc…

5.4 Facilities
The Facilities, as the aquatic area, including the swimming pools and the jacuzzi, is only open on the opening times of the camping. The playgrounds are free to access all along the year. The camping declines any responsibilities as for an improper use of the facilities, by following the signs used on the several playgrounds.

5.5 Electric vehicle charging
The electric vehicle charging is not allowed neither on the pitches or the accommodations. One dual charging terminal is provided for this purpose at the entrance of the camping.

5.6 Animals
Pets are allowed. The lodger who stays on our campsite with a pet must respect the articles of the internal rules of the campsite related to animals and the applicable legislation. The internal rules specify that animals should never be let free on the campsite or let alone in the rental object by their owners who are civilly responsible for them. According to the legislation tattooing and vaccination are required for the access of dogs and cats on campsites in France. They must also have a necklet on with the name and address of the owner written on it. The owner of the campsite accepts a maximum of one animal per rental object if its size and behaviour won’t be cumbersome for the rental object or the other clients of the campsite. In case of non-respect of the clause of the description, the internal rules or the applicable legislation by the lodger, the owner may refuse the animal.

5.7 Visit of the rental
The tenant cannot oppose to a visit of the rental if the owner or his representative make a request for it.

5.8 Check-out
It is the tenant’s responsibility to give back the accommodation perfectly clean before 10am. Otherwise, rehabilitation fees that correspond to the amount of the cleaning service can be deducted. In the same way, any broken objects, loss or damaged during your stay may be invoiced to the tenant. The deposit will be refund in the terms fixed above.

Article 6 Cancellation or interruption of a stay
WARNING : Any cancellation must be notified to the owner by recommended letter.
6.1 Total or partial cancellation by the Client
In case of a disclaimer less than 30 days before the planned date of arrival on the site, the lodger is obligated to pay the difference between the down payment and the equivalent of the total rental, that is to say the balance, as penalty clause. In case of a disclaimer more than 30 days before the planned date of arrival on the site, the lodger loses his down payment. If a late arrival is not notified by the lodger before 10 p.m. the day after the planned date of arrival on the site, the present contract becomes invalid and the owner may dispose freely of the rental object and has the right to try and rent it while keeping the faculty of turn against the lodger. If the stay is shortened by the lodger, the total amount of rental will be due to the owner. No refund will be effected

6.2 Cancellation and interruption insurance « Campez Couvert »
The campsite offers you optional Cancellation and Interruption insurance in your rental contract. Our partner Gritchen Affinity will refund all or part of the stay only to customers that have purchased Campez Couvert insurance, and only if the claim is covered in the general conditions (available at www.campez-couvert.comor from the campsite). In case of cancellation, please notify the campsite of your cancellation as soon as an event occurs that prevents your departure, by letter or by email and notify the insurer within 48 hours, providing all the information and documents needed.

6.3 Cancellation by the owner
In the event of cancellation by Camping Les Arches, except in the case of force majeure, amounts paid will be reimbursed in full. This cancellation shall not however incur the payment of damages and interest.

Article 7 Internal rules of the campsite
The tenant commits himself to accept the Official Internal Rules of the French Federation of Camping and Caravanning and to comply to it during his stay. These Rules are displayed at the reception of the campsite.

Article 8 Right of retraction and Mediator
8.1 Right of retractation

As mentioned in the article L. 121-21-8, the right of retraction doesn’t apply to accommodations of outdoor hoteling.

8.2 Mediator
In case of an unresolved litigation with a professional of outdoor hoteling it is possible to seize the mediator of tourism and travel : or CM2C - Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation des Conciliateurs de Justice - 14 rue Saint Jean 75017 Paris.

Article 9 Image Rights
The tenants expressly and without compensation authorize the campsite to use on any medium the photos or videos of themselves, their children or other participants in the stay, which could be taken during their stay, for the current advertising needs of the campsite ( website, social networks, written publications...).

Article 10 Opposition to cold calling
In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code (Article L. 223-2 of the Consumer Code) when a professional is required to collect telephone data from a consumer, he informs him of his right to register on the « Bloctel », canvassing list, which you can subscribe to here: